Take advantage of our extensive expertise in the planning, execution and evaluation in offshore and onshore projects..

Our non-invasive/ non-destructive methods provide information of the water column, buildings, seafloor and subsoil up to great depths. This information is the basis for the planning and design processes. Your investment in a preliminary survey results in a higher degree of planning reliability and further use of the gained information.

We are pleased to advise you on the combined use of different sensors, schedule and planning of survey projects. A detailed planning is the key to gain data of optimal value for the cost optimization of your projects.

We offer standard survey package deals, but are also ready to provide you with customized solutions for extraordinary requirements and wishes. On occasion, only unusual combinations of sensors and out of the box thinking leads to the required results.

Please inform us what you need. We would be pleased to work out a concept for you.

The overview of our services

Seafloor mapping

Cable detection

Seismic surveys

 Subsea construction monitoring

Scour surveys

Cable route exploration

Uxo surveys

Obstruction detetion and charting

Sidescan Sonar Survey

Multibeam Survey

Magnetometer Survey

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Seafloor mapping

Scour surveys | seafloor mapping | subsea construction monitoring

Seafloor mapping
Is your project in need of high precision water depth information? Do you need to know, if sediment has been deposited or eroded? We offer highly accurate determination of water depths via multi-beam echo sounder according to IHO S44. You will receive a three-dimensional chart of the seafloor for subsoil characterization and obstacle mapping.

Do you need support for the analysis and evaluation of already existing bathymetric data? We will be happy to advise and help you with the processing and interpretation of your data. Access to a series of professional software packages, such as HYPACK/HYSWEEP, Geosoft Oasis Montaj, MB-System/GMT or AutoCAD Civil3D, help us to evaluate. Specifically programmed routines can provide additional and often very valuable insight in special cases.

Subsea construction monitoring

We examine bulkheads, foundations or dams via multi-beam- and surface echo sounders. An efficient survey can be ensured even in very shallow water gratitude to our pivoting equipment. We have different-sized boats available, from swim drones to a full-grown seaworthy survey vessel, depending on the body of water. Are you uncertain about the condition of your underwater facilities? We would be pleased to advise you.

Scour surveys

Regular inspections of the transition water-sediment at the foundation belongs to the standard service all around the wind farm infrastructure. We are ideally equipped with multi-beam echo sounders, surface echo sounders [Flächenecholote] and own survey boats for an efficient implementation of this campaign. Modern processing with current software, such as HYPACK/HYSWEEP and Geosoft Oasis Montaj, guarantees a quick availability of the measured values.

Your requirement is not listed? 

Ask us about it. We will be happy to create a concept or offer for you.

Cable detection

3-D detection active an inactive cables in the subsurface

We and our partner Optimal Ranging Inc. are pleased to offer you the detection of active and inactive submarine cables. The cables, which are inserted into the seafloor, can be positioned in their horizontal and vertical position accurately to the nearest of a few decimeters.

The procedure relies on frequency induced magnetics and offers significant advantages towards common total field magnetics. We have successfully applied the technique for many years even in big wind farm projects. The method is very efficient and the ship maneuvers on the wind farm can be reduced to a minimum due to parallel overrunning of the cable.

Typical operation scenarios:

Cable repairs

Monitoring of the insertion depth during / after laying the cable

Measuring the depth of the burial in order to prevent an exposure by sediment shift